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16 hours lost and alone. a surviving fisherman talks about being tossed into the sea, finding shelter on a he is cluded island and hallucinations. >> a cop chasing a guy this way said don't move or i'll shoot. >> a wild chase in vallejo sends innocent bystanders to the hospital including a 5-year- old boy. locked and loaded inspection, not anymore. a month after an infant was shot and killed in east palo alto, what happened today to prevent such another tragedy. >> announcer: complete bay area
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news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. good evening. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. we begin with breaking news in richmond where three people were killed today. ktvu's eric rasmussen is on the scene. has just talked to detectives there. where are you exactly in richmond and what have you learned? >> reporter: well, we're in the triangle courthousing development, part of the richmond public housing. this all happened about 90 minutes ago. you can see the scene is very active here right now. police have taped off a large area but you can see by where they're standing, they've focused in on this one unit you see there, just hearing from police in the last few minutes, they say that the shooting happened all inside that unit. there were three people shot and killed. they say one of the victims did live here. the other two did not. they're not sure what their involvement was. they did take one person down to police headquarters for a statement. they say this all happened right around 4:30 this
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afternoon. they say the shooting happened at very close range inside that small apartment there. they're still gathering a lot of information. of course, there are a lot of questions about what led up to this, what might have been the circumstances for this shooting. again, three people are dead inside and police even describe to me that this is a chaotic crime scene for them at this point. so, we're still gathering information. as soon as we learn more about what happened here, we'll bring it to you. we're live here in richmond, eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> thank you, eric. now to a story of survival from the boating accident off the coast of mexico. new at 6:00 tonight, a bay area fisherman on board talked today about the moment.s the boat capsized, describing it like the titanic. ktvu's ken pritchard is live with the man's ordeal. ken? >> reporter: i talked to the coast guard here in alameda. they say the search continued off the mexican coast. still no sign of the seven people month remain missing. as you said, we did hear from
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another survivor who is now back home who has a different take on how the crew acted as the boat sank. when the 115 foot fishing charter boat eric sank one week ago in the sea of cortez, survivor charles gordon says he felt strangely abandoned. >> it was surrealistic. i mean i'm here and as i saw the ship pointed this direction, it is like the titanic. it went slowly. i could read the name eric. as it went down in the water. >> reporter: gordon is chief of police for the contra costa community college district. he says his life preserver did just that. a gift he received only after a wave knocked him off the boat. >> a good friend, glen wong, who had a vest and a flotation device, took his vest off and handed it to me. gave a big smile and said charles don't, say i never gave you anything. >> reporter: gordon spent 16 hours, much of it alone swimming, before he made it to a rocky island, he was exhausted.
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he slept. >> i remember at one point, waking up and seeing two guys over by the same boaters where i was and i yelled to them, hey, guys, watch out for those rocks. all of a sudden, he got up and flew away. they were big albatross birds. i was hallucinating because i hadn't had water. >> after they were rescued, some say they fended for themselves but gordon said he saw them help. as for the search, he holds out hope for the seven men still missing. >> if i made it to an island, they can. i hope they're somewhere on one of those islands out there waiting to be helped. >> reporter: the coast guard is using a c-130 aircraft out of sacramento, based out of yuma temporarily for the search effort. the c-130 is in its fifth day of searching in the sea of cortez. ken pritchett,ktvu2 news.
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>> you can see the bunks in a moment below the deck where the fishermen were sleeping last sunday. there are the bunks. they were in those bungs when the boat began to sink. there is a soft piles of ice chests aboard the ship where they would keep the fish that they caught. several survivors were able to cling to the ice chests as flotation devices when the vessel went down in rough seas. for more information including raw video of the survivors being rescued in mexico, you can visit and click on the lost fishermen tab. a 5-year-old boy and his mother are hospitalized tonight after their car was hit by a stolen hummer in vallejo. the hummer patrol said the pursuit started before 9:30 last night in fairfield. officials say the chase continued into vallejo where a 17-year-old unlicensed driver was speeding. lost control at broadway and tuolumne streets hitting three cars at a spop light. >> a cloud of smoke went up in the air.
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i was looking over the fence. see what's going on. by the time i got over here, there was highway patrol, vallejo pd, everybody. guns drawn. chasing people everywhere. >> at least five people were hurt. the most seriously, the 5-year- old boy sitting in his mother's lap in one of the cars that was hit. the 17-year-old suspect faces hit and run, evading arrest and stolen vehicle charges. san francisco fire officials say a man working south of market is hospitalized with third degree burns. after cutting through a live electrical wire. as you can see from these pictures, a large area is now cordoned off. the accident happened at about 12:30 this afternoon on fremont street near mission street. that's in the area of the new transbay terminal project. pg&e says the contract worker was doing underground work when it hit a high-voltage line burning him on the face and hands. he's said to be in stable condition. in hayward, a manhunt for a gunman who fired at police officers ended this morning
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with the suspect shooting himself. police tried to apprehend the unidentified man, suspected of beating another man around 10:00 last night. that's when he fired two or three shots at officers. no one was hurt. the suspect, holed up in an apartment complex on cypress avenue. the standoff ended just before 5:00 a.m. when the man shot himself in the head. he is listed right now in critical condition. about a mile and a half away, at least four people suffered stab wounds in a fight early this morning. police say it happened around 1:00 a.m. in the parking lot of the bijou restaurant and bar on b street. one person was stabbed in the stomach. a suspect is reportedly in custody. santa cruz police have released sketches of two men suspected in the sexual battery of a 13-year-old boy. the boy says a man wearing a white tank top groped him outside the restroom of the municipal wharf on thursday night. he's described as a white male in his 20s between 5'9" and 6 feet tall and a mole and
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freckles on his face. a second man was with the attacker. he's about the same age and has short brown hair and a heavy build. supporters of a hunger strike begun by pelican bay prisoners rallied in san francisco today. activists are calling on corrections officials to negotiate with the hunger strikers who are demanding rehabilitation programs. they began their hunger strike on july 1st demanding better housing conditions and treatment by corrections officials. since then, the hunger strike has spread to at least seven other prisons in the state. getting weapons out of the hands of would-be criminals was the mission today in east palo alto. where police, tonight, tell us they're annual gun buyback program netted 75 guns. why this event had particular meaning. >> it is a colt .38 special. >> today in east palo alto. >> i hear gunshots all the time. >> reporter: high-powered
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firearms. were filtering in off city streets. >> the reason i have the guns, a friend owed me some debt and guns are collateral. >> on this day, willie decided to turn them in for $100 apiece. money he and others gladly accepted from the city's gun buyback program. >> i think it's great. it helps get guns off the streets. >> reporter: 42 rifles, handguns and shotguns turned in within the first 90 minutes. great start to what is the ultimate goal, trying to prevent what happened last month. he's known as baby isaac, the 3-month-old was shot and killed while inside a parked car with his parents. police say it was a case of mistaken identity. >> there wasn't a dry eye in the department. everyone took it pretty hard. >> reporter: sergeant david carson says gun violence in the city is down about 50%. good but he says not good enough. >> one less gun that's accessible to anyone is one less gun out on the street.
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>> the biggest factor in the changes is the community, stepping forward, that's no longer accepting the type of valueiance and crime that we've had in the past. >> david wood, councilman, says 137 weapons were turned in through the program the last two years and now, even more. can every one of them will be destroyed in the coming months. san francisco's proposed ban on circumcision would be illegal under legislation just introduced. los angeles assemblyman mike gado introduced the measure thursday. ab768 would forbid local laws banning male circumcision. it would take effect immediately if passed. san francisco voters are set to decide in november whether or not to ban the practice. bring back a legendary north bay nightclub. the original sweetwater closed in 2007 an nearly 40 years. the mill valley club was known for its big name stars and
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homey atmosphere. they've obtained rights to the sweetwater name. they are renovating the masonic lodge in downtown hill valley and hope to open this fall. waiting for answers. when federal investigators are expected to release more details on a plane crash that killed a family of four. more than 2,000 bay area men and women began a 40-mile walk. coming up, we'll tell you about the cause and the inspiration behind them. and the newly-appointed defense secretary leon panetta makes a surprise visit. where he is this weekend and what it has to do with the fight against al-qaeda. the cooler weather pattern has arrived. coming up, the changing fog pattern set for tomorrow morning and the coolest day in our five-day forecast. 50 star . the new tour of america menu.
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a man wounded in a rash of shootings in east oakland has now died. 20-year-old flowers died at the hospital last night. he was shot thursday outside a liquor store on 71st avenue and international. at least six other people were hurt in four separate shootings that day. they were all expected to survive. police do not believe the shootings are related. federal investigators say their initial report on the plane crash that killed a santa cruz family will be out within days. david and dee dee how longton died on -- houghton died on thursday with their sons when the small plane crashed in watsonville. the ntsb says its preliminary report will be posted in the next five to ten days. the investigation will take months to complete. thousands of people came together in san francisco to walk for a cure. women and men from the bay area and beyond set out on foot from fort mason to start this year's
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avon san francisco walk for breast cancer. it is a two-day, 40-mile walk through the bay area to help raise funds for breast cancer research, treatment and awareness. participants say the event unites people with a common goal. >> it is strangers except for one reason and the reason is breast cancer. and everyone either wants to avoid it or survive it. >> each participant raised about $1800. the bulk of that money will stay right here in northern california. >> san francisco police approved a new contract today that will require them to pay more into their pensions. officers will pay an additional 3% of their salary to their pension fund over the next two years. now, in exchange, the city agreed to no new layoffs in the current fiscal year. officers will also immediately get 3% of a previously-agreed- to 5% salary increase. there will be memorial services in california and michigan for former first lady betty ford who died yesterday at the age of 93.
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a condolence book is set up at the gerald ford library in grand rapids, michigan. ford is remembered for her outspoken views on women's rights and the drug and alcohol treatment center she founded. her family says a memorial service will be held in palm desert tuesday. betty ford will be buried in grand rapids, michigan, thursday, next to her husband, after a service wednesday night. president obama is spending the night at camp david before tomorrow's high stakes deficit reduction talks. the rare sunday meeting with congressional leaders is aimed at reaching a deal to raise the nation's debt limit before august 2nd. we're just getting word that republicans have now dropped their plan for $4 trillion in cuts and are now seeking a $2 trillion deal. >> demonstrators opposed to nato military action in libya protested at powell and market streets in san francisco today. >> we say no! >> the group, act now to end war and racism, is calling for
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an end to u.s. participation in the bombing campaign against moammar gadhafi. protestors argue the money spent on the bombing campaign would be better spent at home. >> all kinds of city and municipal and state workers are being laid off. services are being cut and yet president obama has decided to launch yet another war. >> the obama administration said it was necessary to enter the fight against gadhafi to prevent the massacre of thousands of rebels. the president has been criticized by congress for bypassing the war powers act. newly-appointed defense secretary leon panetta is on a surprise visit to afghanistan this evening. panetta held a private meeting with afghan president hamid karzai and u.s. troops. the defense secretary says the u.s. is "within reach of strategically defeating al- qaeda" and is focusing on killing 10 to 20 al-qaeda leaders in pakistan, yes, ma'am and somalia. in other news of the world tonight, in sarajevo, tens of
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thousands of people gathered as a convoy of trucks carried coffins for burial. in july of 1995, more than 8,000 muslim men and boys were massacred during the bosnian war. the remains in the coffins were identified by dna evidence. they'll be laid to rest near a new memorial bearing the names of those victims. >> and bear allegiance to the republic of south sudan. >> in south sudan today, the oath of office, becoming the first president of the new nation. south sudan broke away from sudan after a referendum monitored by the international community last year. the new country faces on-going border skirmishes though with sudan to the north and poverty among many of its own citizens. the final addition of the british tabloid at the center of a phone hacking scandal hits the newsstands in a few hours. the news of the world front page says simply thank you and good-bye. rupert murdoch decided to shut
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down the 168-year-old tabloid amid allegations that reporters hacked into cell phones of celebrities, families of fallen soldiers and even a young murder victim. well, it is day two of the royal newlyweds' california trip and the couple spent it in the sun on the polo field. prince william took part in a polo match in santa barbara this afternoon with his wife, kate watching. hundreds of people gathered at the field to catch a glimpse of the duke and duchess of cambridge. tickets to that match sold for more than $4,000. money that will now go to charity. in southern california, but they probably like the weather here in northern california as well. mark is in the weather center with more. mark? >> we're happy with it as well with the fog, making this pretty cool across the region. especially inland. no longer the extreme heat. we've been talking about the 90s. warmest locations inland in the lower 80s this afternoon. right now on the maps, i can show you this on live storm tracker 2. fog hugging the coastline to the south of the golden gate bridge for half moon bay and pacifica and san
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francisco. i'll shift to the maps up to the north and east and show you the wind speeds. windy up toward fairfield. winds out of the west-southwest sustained at 24 miles per hour, gusting to around 30. here's a look at the highs from today. temperature range from 59, chilly 59 in pacifica. out to san jose in the upper 70s. tonight, partly cloudy. fog will continue to be on the increase. tomorrow, more fog. we'll cool things off inland. the extended forecast, more cooler temperatures showing up for the long-range weather maps. first thing tomorrow morning, areas of fog, it will be cool especially up in santa rosa starting out at 49. fremont, 53. morgan hill, 52 degrees. i've been talking a lot about this over the past few days the fog hugging a good portion of the shoreline. weather system moving in from the north, that will reinforce the cooling primarily into next week for monday, tuesday and wednesday. not much of a change for tomorrow. patchy fog, keeping it cool for the beaches, around the bay, some morning cloud cover. gusty winds into the afternoon
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hours and the inland spots, we'll call it warm with the readings in the upper 70s to the lower 80s. here is our forecast model showing you some of the dense overcast first thing tomorrow morning at 7:00. pulling back to near the beaches into the afternoon hours, partly cloudy skies for the shoreline. more sunshine and some breezy conditions right around the bay. tomorrow's forecast at 7:00, 53 to 58 degrees. fog out there. by 12:00, a sun/cloud mix. 55 to right around 70. by 4:00, breezy. there is that eventually temperature range from the upper 50s, 60s, 70s, warmest locations right around the 80 degree mark. fairfield right around 80. oakland tops out at 66 degrees. livermore in the upper 70s. san jose mid-70s. fremont at 71. san francisco at 62. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast and we'll continue to cool things off into monday and tuesday. so, look at the temperatures, heather and ken. by wednesday, warmest locations only in the low to mid-70s. looks like most of next week will remain on the cool to
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chilly side. if you like the fog and the cooler breeze, i think you will be in luck. >> that's why we live here. thank you, mark. it was a celebration of corn today in brentwood. this year's brentwood corn fest is happening this weekend. mmm, corn! the event features live cover bands, carnival rides and everything you can think of that has to do with corn. proceeds will go to local nonprofits. >> if you think about it, a lot of the groups that come out here, this is their one big fund-raiser. there are some that would not survive without corn fest happening. >> if you miss today's corn fest activities, don't worry about it. the corn fest continues tomorrow from 10:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. sports history is made today in the bronx. >> plus, soccer fans came out in droves today in san francisco. we'll tell you what had them glued to this big tv screen.
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soccer fans came out to san francisco's civic center plaza this morning to watch the quarter finals of the women's world-class on the big screen right there at city hall. the city says it decided to bring back the free public viewings after the popularity of the men's matches last
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summer. city says it will also show the semifinals on wednesday and the final on sunday. from soccer to baseball, lots of people in the city for the giants game. >> it is going on right now as we speak. another prime time weekend game for the giants tonight. they're just underway with the mets. the second to last game before the all-star break. new york got a run in the top of the first. giants lead 2-1 after getting two in the bottom. as in need of a win tonight in arlington, facing the rangers lewis. you won't his allowed more home runs than anyone else in the american league. 22 coming in. 23 after this drive by josh willingham. that was part of a four-run second inning for the as. right now they're in the fifth. as leading 4-1. the yankees derek jeter came into today's game with the rays needing two hits to reach the 3,000 mark for his career. jeter singled in the first then came up against david in the third. that's the way to do it in a memorable way. jeter's 3,000th hit is his third homer of the year.
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the 28th major leaguer to reach 3,000 but amazingly, the first yankee and jeter didn't stop there. he was 5-5 today. knocking in the winning run in the 8th with his fifth hit. rain in colorado has played havoc with golf's u.s. women's open this weekend. they got the second round finished today. defending champion, creamer is within striking rake. she saves par with this putt to complete a round of 70. she's in a group of five, five strokes back. only five players are under par after two rounds. two of them are named me zat toe from japan. this is i mezato. she is one shot behind mika mia zata. she has a one-stroke lead. both from okinawa. they are not related. stage eight of the tour de france which hit the mountains for the first time, 117 mile- stage, the winner was alberto
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costa of portugal who came in 12 seconds ahead of felipe of belgium. costa won the stage but the yellow jersey is still worn by norway. he is one second in front of evans of australia. see you tonight at 10:00 on sports wrap. >> thanks, joe. >> we have just learned there's been a 7.0 earthquake in japan and a tsunami warning issued there. we'll have much more coming up on the 10:00 news. we remain at an active crime scene in richmond where police are investigating a shooting that's left three people dead. the police chief has now arrived. what investigators are telling us about this case. >> that ends our report. i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. our next newscast is the 10:00 news. we'll see you then.
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